Upcoming Open Games

In 2012 we were so booked with events that we were unable to offer very many open events.  In 2013 we plan to roll out a full schedule of monthly open events so be sure to check back in early 2013 for more info!

Sunday May 27, 2:30-5:00 PM
Ages 10 to Adult.  Price includes gun rental, hat rental, and ice cream sundae.
$25 per player. 
Location:  Princeton, MA 01541
Call or vist our Facebook Page for more info and to register.

Professional Grade Laser Guns and Grenades!

Computerized scoring and ranking! (Printed score sheets)

Better than paintball.... longer range, more accurate, force feedback, no need for masks and bulky hot protective gear, no cheating, variable clip size, rate of fire, number of clips, amount of health, options for respawning and friendly fire to be on or off, and programmable shot damage amount, stun effects etc. There is a reason the military trains with laser tag not paintball.  Come and find out for yourself!

We can customize each weapon to perform in a unique and realistic way! If you enjoy paintball like I do I promise you will LOVE outdoor laser tag. It takes the realism, intensity and fun to a whole other level!!!

As always bring your own water bottle and wear colors that blend well with trees, shrubs, rocks etc. Free Hot Chocolate and fresh baked cookies will be provided for after we finish...

Fee: $30 per person.  Ages 10-17. Limited to 15 Taggers.

RSVP through our Facebook group or call 978-464-1237.  You must RSVP in order to reserve a space.