Laser Tag Events

Fun for everyone.
Time to get off the couch and experience the hot new sport of laser tag! Popular with boys, girls, men, women, grandmas, and grandpas! Want to upgrade from the video game experience?  Looking to plan a family party, birthday party, bachelor party, youth group event, corporate event, fundraiser, day camp activity, home school group fitness activity? Try the sport that brings families and friends together.  We can set up a field at your location whether its a home, camp, business etc.

Fire amazing ranges.
All of our laser tag guns are capable of shooting at amazing ranges, inside or out in the sun. Our equipment covers distances of over 570 feet in full sunlight making them great for both indoor and outdoor play!  Outdoor night games can reach ranges of 2000 feet!  The guns use harmless infared beams and are 100% safe.

What do we do?
A mix of Free for All and Team games including capture the flag, and other scenario based team games.  Players receive score sheets at the end of each game to see how they did. 

Please try to schedule with us at least one month in advance to insure your desired date.

At Your Location Prices:

3 Hour Event:   $399.00

4 Hour Event:   $499.00

5 Hour Event:   $599.00

6 Hour Event:   $699.00

7 Hour Event:   $799.00

8 Hour Event:   $899.00

At one of our Locations:

We can host indoor events at Moncreaff's American Kenpo Karate Academy in Acton, Massachusetts.  Indoor is great for smaller groups ranging from 6-12 players.

We can host outdoor events at our Headquarters in Princeton, Massacusetts where we have extensive forest and field game areas.  Outdoor games are great for medium to large sized groups.  We can have up to 16 players on the field.  For large groups we rotate players out every game or two so everyone gets lots of play time.

Pricing is $50 less if held at Moncreaff's American Kenpo Karate Academy!

Military and Police Training:

We offer a wide array of specialized scenario based training for military and police units.  Great for reserve unit weekend drills, SWAT teams, special forces, etc.  Our guns can be programmed to match the specifications of any real firearms providing exceptionally realistic live training.  Detailed reports can be produced for each participant's performance.  Please contact us for more information and our special military and police pricing.